Welcome to the Mountain Hotel Malta at the kölnbrein-dam

 The Mountain-Hotel-Malta with Panorama Restaurant Hochalm is located directly by the Kölnbrein dam. The hotel lies at the end of the Malta Alpine Road, amidst the nature of the Hohe Tauern. Far away from the hustle and bustle, bedded in a fascinating landscape, the hotel is situated next to the Kölnbrein reservoir.

A wonderful world of mountains in the national park for all that wish to relax in peace. At the same time, the area around the Kölnbrein offers ideal opportunities for hikes with varying grades of difficulty, climbing tours and sporting activities.

Even the journey to the Berghotel Malta over one of Austria’s prettiest alpine roads, with its impressive rock tunnels surrounded by waterfalls, fantastic view over the Galgenbichl reservoir and imposing Kölnbrein dam before the last curve, is an experience in itself.


In the early 1970s, the Mountain Hotel Malta was built in the Hohe Tauern mountains. Originally, the building, located at an altitude of 1.933 meters, served as accommodation for the construction work on Austria's highest dam, the Kölnbrein-dam. The hotel, a circular structure made of wood-cement formwork blocks with a light facade, was completely renovated, modernized, and redesigned through various additions and renovations in 2010. In addition to renewing almost the entire technical equipment, the facade was thermally renovated and redesigned with natural stone slate.

Architects Andrea and Herwig Ronacher were responsible for the reconstruction.

The bridge construction connected to the hotel houses the exhibition VERBUND energieworld Malta, where visitors can learn more about renewable energy at the information center.

A spacious terrace, ending in a pointed viewing platform overlooking the reservoir, sits atop the bridge structure and is used as a terrace for the hotel and restaurant.

The lower two floors of the expanded old building house part of the VERBUND Energiewelt Malta exhibition, a souvenir shop, and the restaurant of the mountain hotel with its seminar rooms. The upper four tower floors accommodate a total of 31 guest rooms.

The fifth floor of the hotel is used for monitoring Austria's highest dam and is staffed 365 days a year. From here, the dam observers reach their workplace in the dam with the hotel elevator.

The famous Kölnbrein Dam and the mountain hotel are among Austria's greatest architectural achievements

Impressions from the Kölnbrein area