Malta valley

also called the Valley of Tumbling Waters with its rivers, streams and thundering waterfalls, stretches from the "ARTIST TOWN of Gmünd" via the mountaineering village of Malta all the way up the Malta high alpine road to the Kölnbrein-dam.  With the mountaineering village of Mallnitz, the municipality of Malta shares the two highest mountains of the Ankogel group, the eponymous Ankogel and the Hochalmspitze!


Kölnbrein Reservoir | © Verbund Tourismus GmbH

Experience Malta High Alpine Road-Kölnbreinsperre

Through rock tunnels, surrounded by waterfalls and stunning views, high up to one of the most impressive structures in our country!

Experience Kölnbreindam
Fallbach Waterfall  | © TVB Lieser-Maltatal

The Valley of Tumbling Waters

Along rivers, streams and rushing waterfalls, the malta-valley stretches high up to the Kölnbrein-dam.

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Mountaineering village Malta  | © TVB Lieser-Maltatal

Mountaineering village Malta

The littel village malta lies like an island in the green meadows at the foot of the Malta mountain. Sturdy stone houses gather around the church of Mariahilf. From the village, the view sweeps up to the Tandelspitze, which dominates the valley as a mighty cornerstone of the Reißeck group.

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Sculpture of the Künstlerstadt-Gmünd | © TVB Lieser-Maltatal

Artists town Gmünd

Every year, the Gmünd cultural initiative offers a colourful range of international and national art in the numerous exhibition venues in the historic old town.

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